Message from the Urushi God and the Art of Kintsugi

There is a deeper mystery here.  I could not sleep as the rashes on my hand and face burned and itched and throbbed all night long.  So, I decided to get up and listen deeper to the pain.  Perhaps there was a message being communicated to me.   It was 4:00 AM.  I wiped the calamine lotion […]

10 Best Digital Design Tools that will Spark Your Creativity

I must say that I have worked with a good many artistic tools that have ranged from traditional tools such as stone lithographs and hand-pulled prints to Hololens and Tilt Brush.  It’s rather hard to focus on only 10 best digital design tools. Thus, I may sneak an extra one or two in this blog.  […]


RESILIENT DESIGN IN RESPONSE TO INCREASED THREAT Our world is facing increased severity and frequency of hazards, posing technological challenges from a multi-vector suite of threats. These events impact the well-being of individuals and communities directly and indirectly, with quantifiable short-term implications and more complex long-term effects, yet to be fully understood.  The impact of […]

Design 036

Resonant Zero There are infinite possibilities in the universe we inhabit, and all radii emanate from the zero degree at the center of the circle of potential, the source resonant frequency with which fundamental geometries fractal along the pendulum. Alfa8 – alfa to infinity – is focused on integration philosophy, utilizing traditional and deep arcana […]