Iliad Terra

Icarus: capturing the flight of adventure

“Icarus is the journey of father and son, and of letting go. It’s especially a personal journey for me, similar to the story of Dedalus and Icarus, of my son and I, capturing the flight of adventure and risk, suffering and courage, through the folds and veils of unknown worlds, seeking light through undulating eternity

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Etheric Veil: an exploration of consciousness and beingness

Etheric Veil represents the boundaries between dimensions of consciousness and beingness. I paint the canvas through a mixture of intention and chance by allowing the paint to guide the brush strokes and the pen lines. The painting is a conversation between dream state and awake state, revealing the shimmer and movement of light in deep

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Sliver of Light: between two eternities of darkness

Flying from Tokyo to San Francisco, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, returning home after the death of my father, I read the tattered pages of the book by Vladimir Nabokov, an unforgettable passage: life is a Sliver of Light between two eternities of darkness.  That passage has haunted me ever since and I have made

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