Heart of Madness

There are moments in life that truly test us. Sometimes these moments stretch over days or months or even decades. We fall to our knees in writhing pain, we ask for mercy, we repent, and yet the agony endures. In these moments we may consider Job and his suffering, and we may remember Abraham and […]

Breaking Through

In the delicate dance at the edge of consciousness, an arc of clarity emerges, a spectral fusion of shadows and light. It ensconces the ephemeral moment when the mind surrenders to the sacred alchemy of faith, breaking through the veils into a deeper innerstanding. A palette of ethereal red and amorphous white caresses the canvas, […]

Jacob’s Challenge

I always wondered about the penultimate challenge poised between mortal and deity. This painting is about Jacob, a crimson figure, who embodies the raw intensity of humanity, confronting the divine in a dance of vibrant red. Across from him stands God, a figure of ethereal white, a luminescent presence against the cosmic expanse. In the […]

The Power of Interiors

Its essence, pure design touches the sign of God. Is that too much to claim, this connection between design and God?  Consider for a moment the design of our world, the starry heavens above the mountains and the marsh below, the fire within and the clouds adrift, rivers flowing, and hummingbirds suspended in midair drinking […]

Parametric Worlds: the Future of AI and Parametric Design

The story of our search for design and the creative quest inherent within each of us dates back through the ages to a place where memory fades, to the very edges of our rendered world. We have come to a strange and eerily beautiful point on this journey where a new and uncharted world awaits […]

DeSign: in Search of the Sign to Manifest the Sacred

I have often been intrigued by the origin of words.  There is so much hidden in the etymological roots of words. And the origins of the sounds form phonetic roots of each word.  What is profoundly fascinating to me is the linguistic lineage of words. Additionally, the intersection of cultures and civilizations that have contributed […]

Fractal Geometry in Nature, an inspiration for a new painting

Wave patterns as an inspiration for a new painting. The fractal geometry in nature.  Air fluidly moving across the surface of the lake; in addition to the rippling waves against the shore and fallen trees. This causes infinite layers of fractal geometries…  I sometimes wonder how the ripple of many lives and individuals crossing each other’s paths overlaid onto the […]

Synchronicity and Revelation; a Homage to Mars

Today an Oracle offered me synchronicity and revelation that the God of War himself, Mars, stood in opposition to my path since the beginning of my life. In many ways this explains the challenges I have faced, sometimes insurmountable, sometimes, well, a mouse chasing its tail in a dense maze of fog. As I sat there, somewhat devastated with […]

Short Story: Ruby in the Notebook

After more than twenty years of not having seen my father, after growing up without him, missing him, yearning for him, and watching my friends play with their dads, with my only respite being lingering faded memories of him holding my hand in the cold of winter in the streets of London when I was […]