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Visionary Artist Exploring Pathways to the Unseen



Matter | Matrix | Ether

The Matter, Matrix, Ether series define Iliad’s artistic exploration into the three realms of our journey toward a life of purpose.

The line between matter and ether is the matrix or the code and structure of the veil, the diaphanous membrane that separates the consciousness from the unconscious, the profane from the sacred, and the mundane from the divine. And yet, there is no separation, as the matrix is also the very gateway and bridge that connects these very polarities of the one.

Looking at it differently, the matrix forms the prison walls surrounding our constructed and contrived world. And yet, by innerstanding the matrix we can see beyond the veil, and reach our divine self, no longer ensnared with word spells and the deception in the material realm.

Wield the sword of words lit on primordial fire, and boldly ignite the dark, and liberate the breath of light upon the plane of Earth.

Power of Words

Words have power, greater than sticks and stones, greater than chains that bond greater still than light that breaks the rein of darkness…

Journey with Jewel and Mark on their epic adventure to find each other and themselves, and along the way witness the prophecy that unfolds…