Matter | Matrix | Ether

The Matter, Matrix, Ether series define Iliad’s artistic exploration into the three realms of our journey toward a life of purpose.

The line between matter and ether is the matrix or the code and structure of the veil, the diaphanous membrane that separates the consciousness from the unconscious, the profane from the sacred, and the mundane from the divine. And yet, there is no separation, as the matrix is also the very gateway and bridge that connects these very polarities of the one.

Looking at it differently, the matrix forms the prison walls surrounding our constructed and contrived world. And yet, by innerstanding the matrix we can see beyond the veil, and reach our divine self, no longer ensnared with word spells and the deception in the material realm.

Color of Choice

Between shadow and light resonates the color of choice. Light and dark intertwine around the sinews of our being as the coils of Pingala and Ida.  

We stand on the precipice of action, each action, fractally infinitesimal and infinitely vast, faced with the immutable truth of our choice. 

And so, our choices are the commands for our actions and draw the portrait of our destiny, and write the script of our dharma in the book of word, the one word, the uni-verse that contains all words


Design is the Sign of Divine

To design is to engage in the sacred practice of creating upon the parchment of the matrix a world that is drawn with the ink lustered from the source code and write the words and lines that reflect nonother than our true selves.

I find a deeply humbling fulfillment in the act of designing, one that rests in listening to the hidden voices of nature and the infinite realm. What I find there I call the source code. And like a beautiful Mandelbrot fractal geometry, this source coil is interwoven in our own code, and ultimately it is our reflection.

As such, designing for humans requires a profound attitude of stewardship of the environment and the essential value of what it means to be human. This has never been more relevant and important than now as we face many challenges, from AI to wars, to unprecedented struggles across the plane of Earth.

For this reason, my designs embrace technology as a tool for creating sustainable environments that safeguard the inherent value and tradition of the human family.

Data Driven Design

Iliad’s design approach towards data-driven design and the use of AI and self-learning platforms to shape industry and policy is innovative and forward-thinking. He recognizes the potential of data and technology to drive sustainable change and enhance the design process.

In his approach, he leverages AI and self-learning platforms to gather and analyze data, providing valuable insights into environmental and societal trends that can inform design decisions.