Synchronicity and Revelation; a Homage to Mars


Synchronicity and Revelation; a Homage to Mars
Kitaro, Silk Road – a meditation on a revelation

Today an Oracle offered me synchronicity and revelation that the God of War himself, Mars, stood in opposition to my path since the beginning of my life. In many ways this explains the challenges I have faced, sometimes insurmountable, sometimes, well, a mouse chasing its tail in a dense maze of fog.

As I sat there, somewhat devastated with this news, which I must say was spot on with the tracks of my life, almost as if on the blueprint, I began to meditate on this revelation. I put on a vinyl album print by Kitaro, Silk Road, on the record player. It has been a treasured album from my childhood, one which I have listened to so many many times.

Synchronicity and Revelation

Halfway through side A, the music became stuck and started to repeat the same track.  This had never occurred before.  This was the first time ever that this precious album had skipped and repeated.
And as I listened to the repeating track, I could not help make feel the connection between what my Oracle had just revealed to me and the synchronicity of the looped track, stuck on a cycle.

So I examined the record, lifted the needle…  There was nothing. Not a scratch or grease on the record nor lint on the needle — all seemed fine. After a few perplexed minutes of inspection and closer examination it became apparent that the tone arm had inexplicably lost its balance.  The force being applied to the needle as it traced the tracks had fallen out of balance.

Perhaps many of us feel that life has been playing an odd loop, or retrograde forces stand in opposition to our dreams and aspirations. We may want to examine the forces that exert upon us, upon our lives, the Karmic tracks upon which we play the dreams of our destiny.

I made this video capture on my phone to capture the music after I balanced the Tone Arm.
The good news, however, was that this powerful God of War, has slowly now decided to reverse its course and is about to join me on my quest.  Finally! no more moonwalking deities shifting the Hermetic balance…

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