New Painting Release: Magdalene

Magdalene is part of my new Matter series, which investigates the dimension between ether and nether which manifests as the material phenomena of the illuminated vibratory matrix.  In the Magdalene painting, I explore the complex layers of what we have come to understand, or perhaps not understand, as the Anima and the feminine energy coursing […]

New Painting Release: Urushi

There may come a time in life when all you have left before you are broken pieces of a shattered bowl. The many forks in the road you have taken have led you astray and you have finally lost your way; you find yourself on a strange and unknown grove. On exactly one such day, […]

New Painting Release: Color of Choice

Between shadow and light resonates the color of choice.  Light and dark intertwine around the sinews of our being as the coils of Pingala and Ida.  We stand on the precipice of action, each action, fractally infinitesimal and infinitely vast, faced with the immutable truth of our choice. And so, our choices are the commands for our actions and draw the […]

You Me Universe NFT

The tremendous power of love in our lives and togetherness is a testament to positive creative force when one plus one makes the infinite possible. When we deconstruct the stories of our lives, the many tomes that have been written, the complexity of all creative artifice, it comes down to the essence, the power of […]