Iliad Terra




The story of Urushi reaches back to my past, to a time when I was blind and carelessly squandered the lessons of life with youth. Urushi crossed my path with her poisonous beauty that glistened and whispered in the dim light of shifting shadows. Her words poured viscous lacquer into my veins and hardened until they broke me to pieces.

I carried those pieces that once were part of me, like a visceral bag of bones slung over my vagabond shoulders all these many years. A calling from a deep within the well, its meaning not quite clear to me, led me to begin this painting and to heal the past, and celebrate the gilded Kintsugi scars. Yet, once again, I learned the hard way about the beautiful double-edged poisonous blade that cut me down to my limits; and by doing so, strengthened my faith even more.

So, I painted this imperfect painting, to both remember and forget Urushi, and to celebrate the broken pieces of ourselves that come together and make us whole.  The lessons of shadows and lights drifting in a smokey vapor that reveal the faces of angels and devils alike…


Mixed Media on Canvas
48” x 60”
Summer 2021
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