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Magdalene is part of Iliad’s new Matter series.  The Magdalene explores the complex layers of the Anima and feminine energy coursing through the history of civilization.  Magdalene is rendered through the filter of modern times, an unabashed feminine spirit that nurtures and sanctifies.  The concept derives from deeper layers of western popular culture, especially the language of Hollywood and entertainment, disruptive and yet normative all at once.  In this piece, Iliad leaves the observer to ponder boldly the narratives of pop culture, and more importantly, the matrix and fabric that defines what we see, what we desire, worship, consume and elevate.  Is there grace in the mundane language of our society today? Or perhaps there is a hint to something darker still…

This duality between the sacred and profane reaches back to the very story of Mary Magdalene and her profound and mystical role in working with Jesus.  In this work, Iliad aims to collapse two thousand years of history revisit the story of Magdalene both now and when she walked beside Jesus.

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Acrylic on board
24″ x 72′
Summer 2021
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