Iliad Terra




I painted the Hermes painting to capture the duality of perception.  It is a study on not only what we say but what stirs in our hearts.

The painting was sketched in the early hour of the morning immersed deep in a conversation about the power of choice and the elegance of free will as the highest act of divine creation.
A series of quick gesture drawings captured the fleeting expression and hint of the precipitous decisions and stepping through the veil of mycelia into another realm.
It took tremendous effort to capture the movement of words and changing expressions, especially as hidden layers of thoughts came to the surface, at times ebullient, and at times troubled.  But in all, the lines carried a certain comfort and grace in the knowledge that ALL is the mind and we are carried in the hands of an intelligent and reflective universe.
I painted this piece as part of my figurative series, with more decisive lines and bold colors, still as an ode to popular culture and pop art, yet hinting that within the mundane and every day dwells the submarine.  As the figure swims in a crimson ocean or is it sheets, above her unfolds folds of heaven or sky, or simply drapes.  Is she reaching for inner depth, and aspiring for the havens, or is am I reaching with my own mind.
I especially like how this duality and shifting complexity evolved in this piece.  That which is obvious at first dissolves and reveals an entirely new world, only to be further dissolved once more.  And yet it is rendered with such certainty and bold lines…

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Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 36″
November 2021
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