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Iliad Terra founded alfa8 in 2001 as Atelier 8, a small integrative studio in Potomac, Maryland that focused on designs based on natural and universal principles that govern our built world and experiential environments.  Over the years the firm has grown from its early visionary beginnings to include an expanded portfolio of projects and markets, and a strong leadership team with an abroad network of partners and investors.  Yet the core driver for alfa8 and Iliad’s vision remains on its original mission and goal.

With his extensive world travels and projects overseas, Iliad brings a deep understanding of the common threads that run through the human condition regardless of where on the plane of Earth. What binds us, what divides us, the force of dark and light that courses through our veins. As an architect, accomplished artist and designer, and a visionary leader, Iliad leads and collaborates with a strong team of experts and leaders to deliver to market truly exceptional and unique projects and solutions that are committed to making the world a better place for all of us.

The very name of alfa8 signifies beginning to infinitive, as a quantum basis for design, balancing the material dimension and the act of faith as an energetic and hermetic conduit for creativity and design flow.  In essence, under Iliad’s direction, alfa8 has become a disruptive practice that understands the power of zero degrees at the epicentre of a 360-degree infinite realm of possibilities and dares to integrate holistically and unconventionally.

Architectural Design: Gramercy District

Timeless Designs
Infinite Possibilities

We build places and stories that resonate

alfa8 is an integrative design and architecture studio that brings to the team innovative source-design expertise while leveraging decades of experience and leadership.

We blend source-design principles with the latest technology to deliver integrative and holistic projects to you.

Our passion is to create iconic designs founded on timeless principles that steward a better world for all, through the power of design…

alfa8 architects collaborated with Minh Le to envision, design, and develop 22 Capital Partners’ project, Gramercy District, in Loudoun County, Virginia. The project is one of the first Smart Districts in the Washington, D.C., metro region, featuring 2.5 SF of mixed-used TOD program at the Terminus of Silver Line Metro.

The project team included Iliad Terra and Richard Donnally as the lead designers, with Bowman Consulting, AECOM, DVA Architects, 22 Capital Partners, and other market leaders collaborating for the success of Gramercy District.


Location: Ashburn Virginia
Size: 2,500,000 SF

Architectural Design: Al Arabiya

Project Overview

Architectural Design
Investor Relations
Budget Creation
Team Management
Project Management

Sited at the Al Amaaria district, northwest of Riyadh, on ~30 acres within 800 acres of private land planned as a sustainable smart city. The location enjoys abundant natural resources, including access to wind corridors and aquifers that creates a destination.

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Al Arabiya

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Creating Luxury Travel Destinations Worldwide