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Manifest the Sacred through Your Work

See the Source

Iliad’s art and designs draw upon hidden and deep sources of mystery and inspiration, as he navigates the interstitial resonance between nodes of consciousness. 

The lectures presented on our Learn platform offer unique and new ways of understanding and seeing our creative selves and the world in which we chart our path.  Whether you are an artist exploring new horizons or a business leader creating new structures, these courses offer you new insights and perspectives to help you create and designthink with nature’s inherent source code.

Each course is derived from Iliad’s extensive project notes and research used for his own work, often meandering on the paths less traveled, sometimes on blazing new trails altogether. 

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If your personal and creative light or your business and organization’s direction is facing seemingly intractable obstacles, then schedule a private creative and visioning consultation with Iliad, and leverage the full potential of source design thinking-thinking and learn to dissolve your challenges

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Select essays and lectures from our Learn series are beautifully curated in the deSIGN illustrated book, featuring unpublished sketches and diagrams from Iliad’s studio.  Subscribe to our Newsletter and we will keep you informed when the book is available for pre-order. 


Systems deSIGN

Discover the power of systems design and how you can use it for your potential.


Wave Theory

Learn how to surf among fluid and dynamic waves and create particles of your own reality.



You are a naturally creative force innately gifted to craft and construct many worlds. Tap into your power!


Astral Compass

Navigate with your stars, each aligned in an energetic and sidereal matrix that chart the course to the creative edge.


In Search of Sign

See the Signs in the deSign, signatures and imprints of source code that are embedded within us and around us.


Sacred Geometry

Our minds, bodies, cities, world, and universe are founded on sacred geometric forms. Explore how you can create with sacred geometry.



In the beginning, there was sound.  Learn to create with Orpheus’ lyric sounds that shaped Pythagorean forms.


Etheric Veil

At the outer edge of our consciousness, we begin to see through more intuitive eyes.  Join us on adventures beyond the veil.


The Shape of Love

Emotion, or rather energetic motion, e-motion, is the essence of our manifested world.  What can you create with love?


Ancient Masters

Join Iliad on a walk and listen to the whispered teachings of Ancient Masters still with us.  Peer through the looking glass and see what has always been timeless.


Sculpted Sound

What does frozen sound look like?  How does resonant architecture sound? Imagine meandering through the soundscapes of Bach and Eno on the wings of Everest and Zaha…


Quantum Dilemma

When everything is possible, and an infinite world unfolds before you, you have one dilemma. Choice.