Art in Three-Dimensional Stories

Narratives for Interior Design

For the Interior Environments

As an Architect and Interior Designer Iliad understands the importance of creating spaces that delight the spirit and offer a strong sense of place.  He is passionate about creating emotional connections with the users through form, color and texture, and especially through the use of light as it reveals the design narrative.

In this “story” of spaces, original works of art act as highlights and main characters in the story of each space.  A well-curated art collection brings a powerful connection to interior environments that is raw and immediate, and more importantly, timeless and adaptable as the viewers’ lives shift.

Iliad’s art navigates the intersections of user’s experience and context, the expression of the art itself as a holistic conversation that is fluid and shifting, yet timeless and fundamental at once


SK+I Interiors


Iliad is the Director of Interiors at SK+I Architecture, a leading Design studio in Bethesda, Maryland.  The award-winning Firm is responsible for some of the most iconic architectural and Interior projects in the Washington, DC region.

SK+I Architecture collaborates with influential developers in the region to set trends and define the next look for residential and hospitably markets.

“There is a harmonic quality to balancing the shape of space with the objects within it, furniture pieces, surfaces and details are all elements of the plot in the story of the space.  My paintings are independent characters that enter the stage and enrich this story that surrounds the occupant of designed space.”

Iliad Terra, Artist