Iliad’s Grid series explores empirical and intuitive patterns and data to create portraits of human conciseness and presence in a dynamically evolving world in search of meaning.

The series utilizes mixed media techniques, incorporating digital and AI platforms as well as traditional media, often blurring the boundary between science and intuitive fields as a device to catch glimpses of ourselves hidden in interstitial spaces of our world…


As an urban planner and architect, Iliad brings a unique perspective to his landscape paintings, aerial earthscapes that merge human imprint and mytho-historic layers into composite paintings rendered in oil on canvas and linen.

In many instances in his Mythoscape series Iliad overlays astral patterns and charts on to further the dimensional connection between the mundane and the sacred and the human passage through these interlaced environments.



Iliad’s Quantum series, or Qu, delves in popular culture’s rendition of feminine ideals and beauty as a portal to further explore that anima and ultimately the very essence of identity and relations…

For Iliad his Qu series is a highly poignant artistic investigative work that touches the very core of fractures and identities and relations in our society, which stem from the primary core of what it means to be truly conscious in this world.