Line and color to illuminate the hidden…


Iliad is an artist and an architect, but most of all, he’s a storyteller. Over the years he has traveled the world in search of hidden patterns and meaning.  His paintings and writings spiral ever deeper into the core of what defines us in our infinite world.  The artist uses line and color as elements of a larger language rooted in emotion and intuition.

Iliad earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Maryland.  Then, he returned back to UMCP to get his Master in Architecture. He brings a blend of art in addition to architecture into his paintings, thereby creating ambient spaces as poetic expressions.

The artist creates his art in his private painting studio in Potomac, Maryland.  Iliad designs spaces that are immersive environments. As a result, his works of art shaped with light, color, and texture.

Iliad has worked as a fashion photographer while developing concepts for his Qu series.  The artist has sold primarily to private collectors worldwide.  He is increasingly being sought by corporate and commercial clients.


Iliad is a storyteller in pursuit of hidden meaning found in our everyday lives.  Each life’s story is an epic journey through multiple dimensions of being.  It is at once both mundane and sacred, ordinary and extraordinary.  The intersection of these stories are riveting to Iliad and he expresses them through a mixed media of languages.

His latest work, which will be debuted this upcoming Summer of 2019. It will dive ever deeper into fractal spirals of consciousness while pursuing fluid forms and geometric patterns interwoven in every fiber of our world. 

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