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New Painting Release: Hermes


As we step into this season of giving, and receiving, a season of sacred bells and rites ringing across the surface of our planet; temples, mosques, and churches, all calls to prayers and masses in yearning, speak of the one eternal truth.

As the moon turns and the planets shift their angles’ grace upon this plane, the entire world dances to both sacred and profane music, celebrating what is known and what is not known, reaching for what hopes there may lay before our journeys, personal and together. 

On these very nights and days, we bring to heart loved ones near and far, in lives past and lives to come, ours and theirs, all in one.

Long ago, it was on one such very moment that I become conscious of my humble journey under the heavens and upon the garden of Eden. And here I am, as I type these words on my Apple keyboard, a ladybug bearing a deep orange shell is climbing across the keys; a spirit bringing another world into my words and conversation, a witness, as is the very air I breathe.

I pause for a moment and observe the ladybug and my mind wanders to our human family. It does occur to me the we humans, for all our struggles and suffering that is our lot, are the very fruit of Eden. A garden indeed, upon which the cultivated tapestry of souls is woven; the warp and weft of it reaching out to infinite realms beyond the ice walls and the edges of the rendered matrix of consciousness.

This garden that bears blossoms of ten thousand flowers, each a soul to be born unto the firmament, a world beyond the veil of logic, is our humate womb. So, on these days a prayer is in order, a prayer of ancient resonance, an incantation from distant lands, still true to-day as it were from-day.

As above, so below, as within so without…  Let us inhale the divine that courses through our being, and exhale the light we cast upon the divine, each and every one of us.

On this day we innerstand, no longer understand, but stand within the circle of the infinite, at the momentous epicenter of all and one, where both time and space are coalesced in the pulsar that is our toroidal hearts, the leonine seat of courage that leads the path to new ages.

On this day we rise, with not just courage, but with faith, for it is only with faith that we speak the language of creation.  Faith in the knowing that the very preponderant of the generative universe is that one plus one is one, and at the same time one plus one is three. Only in the constructed paradigm is one plus one is two.

So, I created this painting, decidedly in the confines of a one by one by one by one, a square matrix. It the birth of consciousness from the matrix unto the Hermetic womb of the initiated soul. As our hearts and minds dwell in the principles and angular grace of above, vested in geometric harmonies of Orpheus, our lips and labor weave new threats the Pythagorean tapestry here below drawn from the ink of eternal light.

The Hermes painting nods to the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, that mysterium of sigils engendering the essential homunculus. The painting captures the very moment where the conscious mind transmutes into a broader dimension of inner-standing, borne aloft, as it were, on the diaphanous wings of mycelium. Once the veil is ripped asunder, neither dark nor light, but cascades of worlds within worlds unfolds…

Every cell, molecule, every atom, every wave and gesture, no matter how minute or grand, every word, and so be it, every sword, cutting through the veil, fulfills its purpose to reveal the reflection within our reflection.

And so let us give thanks and chant untold gratitude in the symphony of the infinite elixir of light coursing through us like a vast neutrino storm and take flight with the chorus of angles as ode to this moment containing all that ever is.


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