Iliad Terra

New Painting Release: Magdalene


Magdalene is part of my new Matter series, which investigates the dimension between ether and nether which manifests as the material phenomena of the illuminated vibratory matrix.  In the Magdalene painting, I explore the complex layers of what we have come to understand, or perhaps not understand, as the Anima and the feminine energy coursing through our world and through the constructed history of our civilizations. 

I have rendered this painting through the filter of our modern times, perhaps with biased and somewhat myopic eyes as the condition of our rapidly evolving and shifting lenses and highly redacted inner standing of ourselves.  Still, in this painting, Magdalene is an unabashed feminine spirit that nurtures and sanctifies. 

The concept, its inherent duality is derived from deeper layers of the western popular culture, especially the language so eloquently slathered through and under Hollywood and its incessant enter-tainment, disruptive and yet normative all at once.  Yet, as pervasive as the language is, it begs a newer look.  Why leave the power of the unapologetic question, and its blistering truth answer to others, when in fact each and every one of us is in possession of the meaning and answer, consciously and unconsciously.

In this piece, I intentionally leave the observer to ponder boldly the narratives of pop culture; and more importantly, sense the matrix and the very fabric that defines what we see and sense, what we desire, worship, consume, and ultimately elevate, deify, and worship.  The question that I invite you to ask yourself is if there is grace or divine in the mundane language of our society today? Or perhaps the pervasive and reductionist barrage of the content we are fed and which we willingly consume hides within it, through the unending folds of its symbolism and the meandered traces of its etymology a hint to something darker, something broken and guarded, a prison for the mind to crush the heart?

This duality between the sacred and the profane reaches back to the very story of Mary Magdalene and her profound and mystical role in co-creating with Jesus.  In this work this painting, a masculine artist, I step beyond and through the fragmented over-sexualization that we are inculcated and collapse two thousand years of history, along the many faces of Mary Magdalene captured through the ages with the works of Giotto, and Da Vinci, and the rest of our art history…  And I revisit the story of Magdalene both now and when she walked beside Jesus.

Perhaps it is so very essential to bring up this topic now as our world fragments along perception fault lines that threaten to bring the waters of the firmament upon the plane of this Earth, we have come to call home, mater, mother, Gaia…  Thousands of years of Oriental thought, Taoism, the Yin, and Yang that swirl, and the Hermetic pendulum that swings and balances the matrix in perpetual stasis, are teetering on the verge of cataclysmic chaos. 

What percolates up from the depths of our realm, what frequencies pierce through our veils and trouble our dreams, what sound beckons us over the edge, as we fall, from sacred grace.  No longer tolerance, nor forgiveness, or deep wisdom and comfort in the bosom of an infinite universe we have come to know or know to be of.

So, Magdalene carried a curse and a triumph, she witnessed the truth and spoke it. And for that, her purity was slandered and disfigured as it frightened the builders of prison walls, the dark ink that ensnared our minds, one word at a time, purity of each world disfigured and maligned until such time we could, and can, no longer find our way home.  We are estranged in a dark forest in our own world.  Our history, a mirage, our future, and legacy negated. 

The world we are taught to believe has neither past nor future, as we drift like grains of chance in a meaningless storm, drifting without purpose, without identity or roots as tumbleweeds heading fast toward annihilation.  It is especially touching to recall Magdalene in this storm, walking beside a man to be Christ, in the heat of the desert, feeding him with her light.  She, as one of the many faces of Mary, bore witness and embraces the journey of Jesus and allowed the world to witness the birth of Christ.  In this timeless desert, the many faces of Magdalene walk patiently and gracefully beside the timeless Trinity.

Magdalene, as the empowered feminine, the true compass yin that animates the animus, and vice versa…  This is the electromagnetic charge that powers the world and lifts the plants from the seed dug deep in the bosom of mycelia, to glorious heights of light. 

And so, I celebrate the beauty and grace of Mary Magdalene, as the true partner of Jesus, and as a woman who stands powerfully in the pages of history.  In the Summer of 2021, as the world violently reels back from oppressive narratives, and careens into ten thousand shards at the pit of Pluto’s crucible, we, I embrace Magdalene as the ever-rising phoenix, hidden in mundane garb, embodying truth with her flesh and spirit, and praised as the true north.

This painting is, it simply is, and whether you, my dear viewer, like it or not, whether you compliment it or criticize it, whether you see it in its purity, or grace, or boldness, or sexuality is only your perspective, your mind, your interpretation of what is.  Magdalene either walks beside you, or within you, or perhaps is you, in your own timeless beauty without definition no longer drifting, no longer forgotten.  You see what you see, and it has nothing to do with what is in front of you, unless, you see with clear eyes and a resonant heart.

So, as you walk along a starry night, perhaps you will look at the stars and the angles of light, and imagine Magdalene sitting next to you seeing the same stars across time.  What would you do? Cast her out, celebrate her, ask her to teach you, or perhaps ask her to tell you about her love…  We have forgotten to listen to the subtle music of ages and whispers that flow to us across time, those very same whispers that is within each of us as we open our eyes for the first time, and see sound manifested.



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