Iliad Terra

New Painting Release: Color of Choice


Between shadow and light resonates the color of choice.  
Light and dark intertwine around the sinews of our being as the coils of Pingala and Ida.  We stand on the precipice of action, each action, fractally infinitesimal and infinitely vast, faced with the immutable truth of our choice.

And so, our choices are the commands for our actions and draw the portrait of our destiny, and write the script of our dharma in the book of word, the one word, the uni verse that contains all words.

At the center of our expanding toroidal body, radiates the coalescent governor of our connected being, our sacred heart, through which flows Pingala and Ida, humate enveloped in crimson metals, blood, fire…

In the hard of darkness pulsates crystals of immense light, and in the heart of light lurks blinding deception, yet the hermetic pendulum swings between the two polarities, and resonates deeply in all things that IS. This resonance is the code, the “DNA”, which passes through the heart of the toroid and activates the shape of the world, and manifests the rendered matrix.  This is the pulsar that becomes a star in the rich and vibrant ocean of the firmament.

And yet, this rich material reflection of choice is a shimmer of sound.  Look directly at it in it dissolves in its quantum truth.  Our world then is a crystalized cymatic plane, formed by our collective Schumann songs, inked crimson with the notes of our choices strung into an oscillating harmony, or disharmony on the parchment of the world.

Not words nor enchanted spells
Not shadows nor lighted specters
Fall from infinite tomorrow
Rise from fathomed shallow
Amid the resonance of sound
The sword of choice is found


You can purchase the original painting or a limited edition print here.


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